Fort Mill Oil Guide

Everyday we make the best decisions that we can for our family. From what we eat to what we buy for our family we are constantly in decision making mode. It can become overwhelming with too much information and options. I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I get overwhelmed, I freeze up and can’t make a decision at all!  

Thankfully years ago, I found easy, natural choices for my family, and a community that held my hand and helped me weave through making healthier choices in my home.

Choices that are full of grace and let us keep living our lives with out getting caught up in the too busy.  

The Rooted Essential Community with Tiffany wants to join with you, in making a customized plan for you and your family.

By using essential oils, natural options and removing toxins out of you home, we want to give you all the tools to have natural easy options for everyday! 

Simply jump on the phone and have a free wellness check in! We will chat about what you want to use essential oils for in your family and/or the wellness goals you have. Then we will customize a game plan for you and let you know how to get these amazing oils in your home!

Already know what you want? Awesome! Let’s get you starts and in our amazing essential oil community full of support, continued education, diys, and even some fun giveaways that are just for our Rooted Essentials Community!



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Wellness Wednesday at Juice Bar

Ready for your free wellness check in?

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